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Discover Drones Level 1: BUILD

The Yellow Cards work to develop engineering principles by focusing on the components of each of the drone’s sub-systems. Mixed with the Droneology journey, these cards delve into essential drone knowledge, including laws, regulations and the types of drone coordinating…

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Discover Drones Level 2: TRAIN

The Discover Drones Orange Cards focus on robotic programming as you configure the drone in preparation for its first flight. At the same time, you’ll start building muscle memory in your thumbs by training on the flight simulator, continuing through…

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Discover Drones Level 3: FLY

The Purple Level works to develop computer science skills by finishing up all of the drone’s configuration needs. Once RubiQ is all set, ready and willing, head to the flight field to get the first taste of line-of-sight flight by…

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Discover Drones Level 4: RACE

The Blue Cards are all about First-Person View as pilots experience the thrills of FPV for the first time. Don your goggles, prep your props, head to the flight field and get ready to experience it in an entirely new…

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Tello Drone Programming with Python

Learn how to program the Tello drone using Python! This advanced course goes beyond DroneBlocks programming and introduces students to high-level programming concepts using the Python programming language. In this course, you'll set up your Python programming environment and learn…

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Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocks

Welcome to Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocks! This course assumes you have a strong understanding of connecting DroneBlocks to the Tello drone and that you're well versed in autonomous programming missions. Please make sure you have reviewed the Introduction to…

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