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Tello Drone Programming with Python

Learn how to program the Tello drone using Python! This advanced course goes beyond DroneBlocks programming and introduces students to high-level programming concepts using the Python programming language.

In this course, you’ll set up your Python programming environment and learn to communicate with the Tello using UDP, the User Datagram Protocol. Similar to how DroneBlocks sends commands to the Tello, you’ll spend some time under the hood to understand how UDP works.

  • Lesson 1: Setting up your Python programming environment with Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook
  • Lesson 2: An intro to UDP, Packet Sender and sending a basic UDP message
  • Lesson 3: Send and receive UDP packets to and from Tello
  • Lesson 4: Program Tello to fly a box mission with Python code
  • Lesson 5: Write custom spin and bounce functions to give the Tello new flight behavior
  • Lesson 6: Send keyboard commands to the Tello and tap into the software development kit (SDK) – Free Preview
  • Lesson 7: Convert imperial units to metric and fly the Tello in a star pattern
  • Lesson 8: Add retry logic for more robust Tello missions
  • Lesson 9: Bonus lesson – Control the Tello with Raspberry Pi and Python

All source code and examples for this course are available in this GitHub repository:

Now, when you’re ready to start your Python journey, navigate over to Lesson 1 to set up your programming environment!

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