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Welcome to Droneology! With your code, you’re ready to embark on a journey to become a true Droneologist. Good luck and drone on.


Afraid of commitment? Everyone gets a little skittish, so try before you buy with Freemium, the first unit of Droneology!


The first step to becoming a Droneologist is to get a code! Click on the button below to purchase your code, then come back here to register.


You have probably seen the surge in media attention dedicated to drones growing over the past few years. Drone owners who have not been properly educated are flying into restricted airspace, violating privacy rights, and endangering people in a variety of manners! Droneology prepares new drone owners to be safe and responsible, while having a blast.

Droneology is the quickest and most efficient way to learn all about drone safety and regulation–something every drone user should be aware of before taking off. Droneology makes learning fun, and for every lesson users complete, they get a coupon for drone merchandise. Users even get a printable Droneology Certificate of Achievement when they complete the course. Start today!


Use your access code in DRONEOLOGY or enrollment key in DRONEOLOGY EDU to register by selecting the correct form below to get started!
Once registered, you’ll be able to access the course whenever and wherever with any web connected device.  All you will need to remember is your username and password!


Classic e-course and video series


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sub-LogoDroneology is the first course on the ED! App platform, a new product line from the experts in hands-on STEM education, PCS Edventures! (PCS). ED! App will offer engaging online courses about timely and exciting topics relevant to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) such as Drones. Droneology and ED! App may be new, but PCS Edventures! has been delivering exciting learning experiences to students of all ages since 1988 when school teacher Patrick McShane founded Pat’s Computer School with a mission to create hands-on projects to fuel a passion for education and an excitement about STEM subjects. PCS’s mission has stayed the same although our delivery methods have evolved with time!



Whether you want to fly a drone just for fun, want to use it for learning the basics of flight, or have a serious application such as mapping or photography, this Droneology course is an excellent way to gain knowledge and proficiency in the rapidly expanding world of drones.


As a long-time professional and instructor pilot, I think Droneology will be very useful in helping drone operators integrate into the flying community. The program teaches drone operations, safety guidelines to keep drones from injuring people and causing potential hazards to manned aircraft, as well as the legal and ethical aspects of drone operations. I think it is essential for all drone operators to learn how to operate safely and legally, and Droneology is a fun and exciting way to learn.


“All I can say is WOW.  This course is an awesome, fun introduction to all the basics a drone owner should know.  As a manufacturer, racer, and drone enthusiast I think I speak for the entire industry when I say THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT NEW DRONE OWNERS NEED TO KNOW!  If everyone would spend a little time learning the common sense rules of drone ownership we will all benefit.”



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