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Discover Drones Level 1: BUILD

The Yellow Cards work to develop engineering principles by focusing on the components of each of the drone’s sub-systems. Mixed with the Droneology journey, these cards delve into essential drone knowledge, including laws, regulations and the types of drone coordinating groups. By the end of Yellow, RubiQ will be fully assembled — minus the props and plugged-in LiPo, of course. Safety first!

To progress through this course, use the list on the right or the table below to navigate to the “card” you’re working on. The lessons dive into their designated topics, opening up into different, more in-depth sections. Once you’ve completed a section, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green box labeled “Mark Complete.” Quizzes are found at the end of some of these sections, so make sure you’re fully engaged with each lesson! Now, it’s time to explore the skies — are you ready for your drone journey? 

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