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Drone News & Blogs

Welcome Droneologist!  

Stay up to date! The following blogs are great for drone lovers who want to hear all of the latest updates in the world of drones.

A great blog for beginning drone users who want to learn more. These guys love the hobby and want to share their knowledge with the world! is a great place to learn about specials and sales. It also has great reviews and a forum to check out.

“ is here to make sure you, the consumer, are up to date on all the latest drone news, product releases, YouTube videos and legal precedents so you can stay informed about the rise of the commercial drone.”

The bloggers at cover drone news, interviews experts and provide a place for drone lovers to share their stories.

Written by self proclaimed geek-girl, Sally French, is a fantastic blog for female drone lovers! Her blog is focused on the positive uses of drones and provides an outlet for photos, videos and stories about the evolution of drones.

A great source for drone news and information.

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